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The Global Pagoda is an ideal bridge for peace, tolerance and harmony across all the communal and regional divides splintering India as well as the entire world today. The Global Pagoda will be a vehicle for the spread of the Buddha's true teaching that emphatically opposes any dogma based on sect, cast and religion. The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a notable monument in Mumbai, India. This monument was inaugurated by Pratibha Patil, the President of India on February 8, 2009. It is located in the north of Mumbai in an area called Gorai and is built on donated land on a peninsula between Gorai creek and the Arabian Sea.

Global Pagoda in Gorai Global Pagoda in Mumbai Global Pagoda in India, Global Vipassana Pagoda GoraiThe Global Pagoda is built out of gratitude to the Buddha, his teaching and the community of monks practicing his teaching. Its traditional Burmese design is an expression of gratitude towards the country of Myanmar for preserving the practice of Vipassana. The shape of the pagoda is a copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. It is being built combining ancient Indian and modern technology to enable it to last for at least 2000 years.

The center of the Global Pagoda contains the world's largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars. The height of the building is 96.12 meters, which is twice the size of the previously largest hollow stone monument in the world, the Gol Gumbaz Dome in Bijapur, India. External diameter of the largest section of the dome is 97.46m and the shorter sections is 94.82m. Internal diamter of the dome is 85.15m.[2] The inside of the pagoda is hollow and serves as a very large meditation hall with an area covering more than 6000 m2 (65,000 ft2). The massive inner dome seats over 8000 people enabling them to practice the non-sectarian Vipassana meditation as taught by Mr S.N. Goenka and now being practiced in over 100 countries. An inaugural one-day meditation course was held at the pagoda on December 21 2008, with Mr S.N. Goenka in attendance as the teacher.

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The aim of the pagoda complex is, among others, to express gratitude to Gautama Buddha for dispensing for what followers believe is a universal teaching for the eradication of suffering, to educate the public about the life and teaching of the Buddha, and to provide a place for the practice of meditation. 10-day vipassana meditation courses are held free of charge at the meditation centre that is part of the Global Pagoda complex

The Purpose & value of global pagoda
The Buddha said that two qualities are rare among humans: kataññu`ta, that is, gratitude and pubbakarita, which is, initiative to help others without expecting anything in return. These two qualities are the true yardstick of measuring progress on the path of Dhamma of any person devoted to Dhamma. Gratitude is more important of the two qualities. Whenever we remember the help given to us by any saintly person and generate gratitude towards him,we naturally feel inclined to give selfless service to live up to that ideal.Thus selfless service is strengthened. Gratitude and selfless service complement and support each other.

The Global Pagoda will be an expression of our gratitude: towards the Buddha, who as the Bodhisatta strived for incalculable aeons to fulfill his paramis to reach Supreme Enlightenment. Having done so, he taught the Dhamma for the good of many, for benefit of many, out of compassion for all beings.

An individual uses words to express himself, A civilization expresses itself in architecture. The Purpose & Value of the Global Pagoda. Some of the various functions and purpose of the pagoda can be listed as follows.

Honoring The Buddha

Honoring the Buddha Following the last instructions of the Enlightened One, the genuine Buddha relics will be enshrined at the centre of a large central hall in the pagoda where over 8000 Vipassana students can sit and meditate together, getting advantage of the powerful vibrations emanating from the relics

How To Reach - Drive to the Global Pagoda

You can also drive directly to the Global Pagoda - if driving from Airport, then take the Western Express Highway upto Dahisar. On the Mira Bhayander road, take a left at the large Shivaji statue at Dahisar. You should see a signboard for Esselworld. Keep proceeding on the same road and take a left when you see the signboards for Esselworld. Drive all the way to the gate of Esselworld and inform the security that you want to go to the Global Pagoda.

Direction for reaching Global Vipassana Pagoda from Borivli and from airport is as follows :

From Borivli (W) To Global Vipassana Pagoda : On Borivli Station come out on the west exit gate of the Station, take Bus Number 294 to Gorai Bus Depot or an Auto Rickshaw (smaller version of a taxi). The Bus Fare is Rs. 4/- and Auto Rickshaw Fare is Approx Rs. 22/-. After getting down at the Gorai Bus Depot take a Ferry from Gorai Jetty (adjacent to the bus depot)which will take you to Esselworld. Then from Esselworld to Pagoda the walking distance is 3 minutes.

From Airport To Global Vipassana Pagoda : One can drive directly to the Global Vipassana Pagoda Site from the Airport ( tell the taxi driver to take you to Essel world and the approx fare should be Rupees 500 to 700 for a non air conditioned taxi ) the approximate driving time should be (1 1/2 hour). A ferry Service is available at the Gorai jetty to Essel World. Then from Esselworld to Pagoda the walking distance is 3 minutes.

for more information visit http://www.globalpagoda.org

Gorai Global Pagoda in Gorai Global Vipassana Pagoda Global Pagoda in Mumbai Global Pagoda in India. Beach,

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